Friday, April 10, 2015

Instant Granite-Tips & Review

   *This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

   Awhile back I was cleaning our guest bathroom and set the toilet cleaner on the countertop in said bathroom. In the 5 minutes it was sitting on the created a blue stain the size & shape of the bottle...I of course thought.."Oh it'll come off"..."It'll just take a little effort to get it off"....I tried everything..magic eraser, nail polish remover, baking soda/vinegar paste...nothing took it off...

   Since this is our only other bathroom besides our master bath...and the bathroom that pretty much EVERYONE uses when at our house..I couldn't have a giant blue stain on our off beige countertop. It bothered me every time I walked in there...So after my mom mentioned to me this countertop covering she found while searching Pinterest..I had to research it....

   Its called "Instant Granite"...there are a lot of different versions of it but this is I guess the first and best one that was made. It's a sort of heavy vinyl covering. Its by a company called "Appliance Art"...So I believe they make covers for appliances as well (Like if you wanted your white refrigerator to look stainless steel...they got you covered).

   It looked simple enough in all the youtube videos I found...just clean the area you want to put the cover on....and slowly put it on there..working the bubbles out as you go..sounds simple, right?

   I found the cheapest place to buy the product online was It ended up being about $40 with shipping for a 36x36 piece. I ordered it in "venecia gold". It seemed to be the most popular "print" that they sold.

   It arrived after a few days..and I got started on it soon after. I'll sum it up saying a project that I thought would take an hour max..ended up taking me a little over 4 hours to complete. (INSANE! I know)

            *can you see that circular stain on the left?...It looked a lot worse in person.

 Tools I used & recommend-
Hair Dyer-A MUST!
                                                                   X-ACTO Knife
                                                          Credit Card or Squeegee

 Here's the Instant Granite up close....looks pretty realistic

I sent pics to my mom as I did it...Clean the area throughly before starting. You don't want a piece of hair or something showing through the instant granite. At this point in the picture. I wanted to cry because I had no idea how I was going to get the rest of this placed right without wrinkles!....It SO difficult to get the wrinkles out...luckily you can just peel the instant granite off and re-position it. So that is a plus. I used the credit card for awhile to help smooth it but in the end just used my fingers a lot. At first I thought I would just try to do this all in one piece...the sides and all. But in the end I had to do it in 3 pieces--sink area/side & back.
 This was after I did the sink part...I slowly peeled off the backing as I did each area. I used the X-ACTO knife to cut around the sink (I wouldn't use anything else...this worked perfectly). The X-acto knife was also used for every other cut besides when i first cut the sections to work with & I used scissors.. The hair dryer is so important...especially around the sink area. It kind of suctions it to the desired area. It also heats the instant granite up so you can stretch it into place and reduces the wrinkles. Do not try this without a hair dryer!!!


I overlapped the sides over the sink part so that there wasn't a gap in the instant granite.

I believe doing this was really hard for me because of the shape of my sink (the sides and back). I also had never done it before so that doesn't help. I really like the results though! It made it look like I got a brand new countertop! So lots of work but a good result! I also caulked around the sink with clear caulk to help waterproof it further.

Hopefully this will help anyone thinking of using this product. I would recommend it but take your time and be patient. 


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