Tuesday, October 27, 2015

0-3 Month Essentials

   As this coming Wednesday approaches, I just can't believe my little boy will be 12 weeks old! He won't be quite 3 months yet but,WOW time completely just flew by...lack of sleep will do that I'm sure...It's been quite a learning experience...I know every child is different but I wanted to compile a list of things for anyone that may be wanting some ideas for what you may need the first 3 months.

0-3 month must haves

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper... / Aden Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets (3 Pack) / Burp Cloth Set Just One You / Infantino Safari Fun Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat / Tumbler With Straw / Miracle Blanket® in Green/Natural - buybuyBaby.com / Medela® Contact™ Nipple Shield - buybuyBaby.com / MAM Animals 0-6M 2-Pack Pacifiers in Blue/Green - buybuyBaby.com

1-Miracle Blanket-talked about this before but it has literally saved our lives! haha...no, but really...its like a straight jacket for babies and our little guy has a crazy startle reflex, so this has helped him not wake himself up every night.

2-Nipple Shields- I almost always have to use these when nursing my son...it makes it easier for him to latch on and stay latched.

3. Baby K'Tan- I use this to go to the store, church, post office..wherever....a lot easier than taking a stroller into places...plus it can be worn several different ways.

4. MAM pacifiers- my little guy doesn't LOVE pacifiers..but he has started taking this...and only these...they seem to be lighter weight and easier for him to hold onto.

5- Burp Cloths- LOTS AND LOTS of burp cloths!!!! Baby boy has a bit of reflux so i always have one of these handy.

6- Cup with a Straw- You get so parched while nursing, I keep one of these babies handy at all times.

7- Rock and Play Sleeper- Creates a little cozy spot for sleeping...and its the only place my baby will usually sleep on his own..the incline of it helps with reflux!

8-Boppy- I use this all the time...everytime I nurse and as a recliner for my baby.

9- Play mAt- He just recently started swatting and grabbing of rate toys but we have done tummy time from the time we got home from the hospital.

10- Munchkin Sound Machine- Has several sounds (we like the white noise)...a nightlight and a ceiling projector that you can change the pictures...its pretty nifty.

11.Muslin Blankets- I use these for everything...nursing cover up, swaddle, burp cloths, blanket, cover when we are going into places in the baby k'tan....i have a lot of these and use them everyday.

I'm starting to use other items regularly as well but I will post about those in a later post. Are there any items that your baby HAD TO HAVE the first 3 months? or to help me out..from 3-6 months?


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