Friday, September 11, 2015

Date Night In with Nestlé® Crunch® Party Mix + $20 Giveaway

Since we had our son a little over a month ago, we have been staying at home a lot. Obviously taking a newborn anywhere is not easy. Going to Target is a huge deal to me now..and definitely forget going on date nights at this I had an idea..start having special date nights at home at least once a month...pick activities to do, movies to watch and recipes to try...make it special...not just your average night in.

   For this date night, I thought we could watch a movie we both had never seen, "Furious 7", make a special dinner and a new treat that I would invent. 

   We decided on steaks and smashed potatoes but here's the really special part of the evening..

   The perfect addition to a movie night...

   Nestlé® Crunch® Party easy and totally amazing...I've made caramel corn before but the addition of the Buncha Crunch® put it over the top and took it to the next level. 

   Setting aside the time and effort to make a special evening for my husband and I was really fun and got us out of having just another boring night. I'll definitely keep doing this monthly and switch it up. This party mix however may need to become a staple at each date night! #lifehacktoboredom

 My husband couldn't resist diving in for a handful before I finished my photo session. 
Any ideas for a date night in? Comment below. And share your #lifehacktoboredom photos on Facebook and Twitter!


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