Friday, June 26, 2015

Third Trimester Must-Haves

     I am WELL into my third trimester..with only 5 1/2 weeks to go..I thought I would share some of my MUST HAVES of the third trimester...
third trimester must haves

third trimester must haves by sequinsandscissors featuring a food container

1. Pedicure-Since I can't bend over for long periods of time..if AT ALL...I have been actually getting pedicures from another person...You would think since I work at a salon/spa I would be getting these all the time anyway..but nope...never had one until I was very very pregnant..but its so nice to kind of treat myself a bit.

2. Kleenex- I have been emotional lately..not always boo-hoo..cry, cry..sometimes I'm straight up pissssssed..but I definitely feel like kleenex have been my friend lately.....(I should have included toilet paper on here in addition to the kleenex...haha...I mean I do pee A LOT!!!)

3. Pillows- I have a really nice pregnancy pillow..but I can't stand I opt for a regular pillow between my knees all night long.

4. Tupperware- I have been starting making freezer meals for my maternity leave and definitely need these as well as ziploc bags!

5. Notepad- I actually just use the note app on my phone but I make lists for everything..especially right now!

6. Hospital Bag- I had a very cute Turquoise & Pink monogrammed bag made for the hospital and am so excited to use it...I have a list of stuff and have started filling my bag up as much as I can before the big day comes!

7. La Croix- My absolute favorite drink..UNTIL I got pregnant..I couldn't handle even being around it..third trimester rolls around..I'm back to to drinking fav flavor-Lime!

8. Nightgown- I actually have this exact nightgown from Target and am OBSESSED with it..its so light and comfy and prevents me from overheating at night, which is definitely easy to do.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookies- Can't handle how much I LOVE these...they have some wonderful Vegan ones at Earth Fare in case you are interested... #cookieconnoisseur

There you have it..some of my must-haves...and guess what? My little boy's nursery is done as of tonight! So I will be FINALLY posting photos of everything I have been working on for months and months. YAY!


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