Friday, March 27, 2015

Maternity Fashion & Wear to Shop

       As my body begins to change due to the little boy I'm growing...most of my normal clothes aren't fitting..pretty much at all...I just tried to put some PJ pants on right before I wrote this and they were so tight I thought my legs would fall off if I actually attempted to wear them....Needless to say...I've been on the hunt for cute but inexpensive items that I could add to my fashion repertoire...

    I'm a researcher...BIG TIME....I read reviews for nearly everything....I love to know details about items that I am buying in store BUT especially online....Which has been my go to lately for fashion...Here is where I have decided I can find the best/inexpensive maternity friendly items, some of which i can continue to wear after little boy arrives.

White Plum- Love there items...inexpensive but really good quality...I have gotten several tunics and maxi dresses on here...Plus they send coupons with your package. They do a lot of deals on items through which I frequent daily....
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Caralase- Another find...their items are super affordable and really cute...I love that they sell a lot of stretchy maxi dresses...perfect for a growing tummy.
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Pink Blush Maternity- Great leggings, cute tops/ the dress selection.
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ASOS- Definitely more of a splurge for most of the styles but for your baby shower or a holiday this site is a must see for maternity wear.
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Old Navy- If you can find a store with the maternity section this would be ideal but there isn't one too close to me so I ordered some items online...I must say, I love all the stuff I bought...cute graphic tanks/tees and super comfy may dresses and skirts. Plus since they always have sales you can score some great stuff for a bargain.

Motherhood Maternity- I feel like when trying to find maternity pants or jeans you need to go to the store...unless say you KNOW your size at a particular store...but I got some cute skinny jeans here from Jessica Simpson and I really like them and feel comfortable in them.

  I hope I help someone not have to do quite as much research as I have done on this topic...or gave you a little insight into some great deals that I have found...



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