Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life & Whats Next

February was probably the busiest month that I have ever had...I'll recap...

    I havent taked about this on here but I am going through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). Basically, I am becoming Catholic. It is a lengthy process..I started at the beginning of September and will be baptized at the Easter Vigil on April 4. Its been a really great experience and I am very happy that I have got to go through it. This past month we had the Rite of the I got to go to the Cathedral in Lafayette and see the Bishop and write my name in a book that says I am going to be baptized....there were TONS of people going through the same process as I am there and it was encouraging to see all these people from different churches in Indiana. I was SUPER sick during I didn't take many photos...but I do have a pic another lady took of me and a pic of the ceiling at the Cathedral. I still have a retreat...and many more RCIA meetings to go..but I'm almost there!

     February I also did a newborn photoshoot...I have only ever done one other and that was awhile back...but the pics from this shoot turned out really great...(I thought)

Oh, I invented an awesome one skillet pasta dish (well, I combined like 3 recipes together)...I have now made it twice and and obsessed..I will share this recipe on my next post. (One Skillet Chicken Sausage Pasta Carbonara) BAM!

and last but DEFINITELY not Least (and if you follow me on any social media, you already know this but..) We are having a BABY BOY!
     A lot of people didn't "get" my gender reveal...They couldn't figure out that the empty pink bottle meant that the full blue one meant...that its a boy..but I mean...a lot of people didn't get I guess my reveal wasn't as grand and planned out as I wanted it to be...oh P.S. I look like I'm 6 months preg in these photos...I think its the angle and obviously the tight top...but I do not look like this everyday....maybe after eating a ton, I dunno...
Here are some pics of our little boy....

(there is that little weenie)

      So whats next on the agenda....I turn 29 in about 2 that will be fun..I mean, I love birthdays so I really don't care how old I am getting at this point...and I need to start deciding on what my little boy's room will look like...I have been very fortunate to receive SO MANY clothes in the past week from friends & family...mostly 3-9 months....his closet is I'm very grateful for all of that...I have decided to cloth diaper (I can hear the "ughhh"'s from people already)..but its something I have reasearched a lot, talked to people a lot and we are lucky to have a cloth diapering store nearby  ( that offers classes so I will be taking their 101 class soon! On the subject of classes...what breastfeeding/newborn care/labor classes did you take and were they helpful?



  1. know this already but Tom and I are so beyond happy for you and proud of you for going through the RCIA program. As you know Tom went through this himself 8 years ago so we hold RCIA near and dear to our hearts! I've even had a special gift for you picked out for months already.
    Secondly. your announcement was adorable. I got it! ;-) I can't wait to meet this handsome lil chap. He will be beyond perfect. As far as the cloth diapers...dont you spend a single second worrying what others think. This is your child and your family and you should do as you see fits your family! I fully support the cloth diapering and almost did it with Jay but I just never got around to purchasing the diapers and then all the sudden he was here and life too over for me. hahah P.S. There are so INSANELY cute cloth diapers out there! SO SO SO ADORABLE!
    I love you and your growing family to pieces Kelly. I can't wait to see your life change and take a beautiful turn this year! xoxox

  2. That baby picture is adorable! And I love your gender reveal idea!

  3. So happy for you guys! Once its closer I will make him a little hat (I have to research boy hats a little more lol) As far as cloth diapering you do what is best for you who cares what anyone else thinks! If little man is going to daycare eventually be sure to check that they will allow cloth diapers, a lot of places won't because of health code violations. I didn't take any classes because I chose to be blissfully uninformed but I know that St. Vs and IU North have great classes, lots of friends have taken them and loved them!!