Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girl or Boy? Nursery Ideas

   While we await our gender reveal ultrasound in less than 3 weeks...I am keeping myself busy trying to decide what our baby's nursery will look like...what the color palette will be...will there be a theme?...Lots of decisions and I want to get a start on it right away.

    Here are my ideas so far...

Little Girl's Room
    For a little girl, I am wanting to do shabby chic-isn with a whimsical flair. I love these prints from Michael Miller's Brambleberry Ridge collection. Some company's and Easy shops sell bedding sets of these prints..so I am all over that.
I am obsessed with these art prints from Sarah Jane Studio's. I will be getting some prints from here for a boy or girl..they are beautiful!

    We already have a rocker..however it is gold pinstripe..which is actually really pretty but I want it to be neutral so I am having a cover made for it in white.

    I already purchased an ottoman very similar to the rope pouf above. However mine is actually kind of cuter..:)

    I love the idea of the fabric framed in embroidery hoops..I'll mix this with framed prints to create a gallery wall...(stoked for this)

    I also love the idea of this ribbon hanging mobile...I won't hang this above the crib but definitely somewhere in the room..along with some tissue paper pom poms and flowers....

Little Boy's Room

    For a little boy...my ideas aren't as clear...I think its because I'm a girl and decorating for a boy has never been something I had to do. But I am excited for what I have came up with. 

    I love the color palette of navy and Mint..but I needed a pop of color..so orange and mustard it is...I also like the idea of adding some brighter blues to it..it gives me opportunities to incorporate some more "boy" items into the mix. Also, grey is a good neutral that will go with the ottoman I purchased.  I am however kind of still stuck on bedding...I may have to buy separates and put them together rather than buying a set. 

    I love foxes....so adding the pop of orange was the perfect opportunity to incorporate these little guys. Oh and hedgehogs are just cute so why not add one of those too...and little vintage Richard Scarry animal prints..those too.. :)

    I forgot to add in to the girl's room but no matter what, I am using a dresser as my changing table. Its way more versatile and can be used for years. 

   I like the idea of a rug for added interest so this striped one is great. Not too busy but still noticeable.

    Last but not least, my husband loves the idea of baseball for the boy's room...I thought maybe we could add a vintage print or two of something baseball themed as well. 

    Obviously..some of my ideas will change...but for now I love these. I'll probably add a banner or garland to whatever room we do....I'm just excited. What do you think? Any ideas to add to these rooms?



  1. LOVE! Both mood boards are perfectly you! I cant even handle my excitment and anticipation to find our what the gender is!!!

  2. I love each of these ideas! I can't wait to hear what you're having and see how adorably you decorate the nursery!!