Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1st Trimester Must Haves

Well...I feel like I can share this news now that I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow! We are having a baby! Yay! We are super excited...After losing our first tiny last summer we really wanna say thank you to everyone that prayed for us and sent good vibes our way.

So after these 3 months..I will tell you MY first trimester must haves....1st trimester must haves

1st trimester must haves by sequinsandscissors

1. Thermal Pajamas- I have been cold these last 3 months...mostly in part to the fact that it IS winter..but I'm really loving all my thermal jammie's.....especially after I get out of a hot shower...which I've been taking a lot of....can't get too warm though..not good for the tiny.

2. Lemonade- weird but yes...I have been drinking A LOT of lemonade...specifically the crystal light Truvia lemonade....I typically don't drink this but I like that it's sour...

3. Peppermints & Ginger Chews- helps with nausea...and the ginger chews get old fast for me..so peppermint is a better choice in most instances.

4. Sleeping Bra's- helps the ladies not hurt so terribly much when when I move around at night in bed.

5.  Sour Patch Kids & Pickles -I know the pickles is super cliche but I really want sour stuff...and both of these really hit the spot!

6. Microwaveable Heating Pad- Again..I'm cold...I like to heat this up and hold onto it in the evening or when I'm falling asleep.

 Okay...those are my 1st trimester must haves...now that I've announced that we are having a baby..I'll be posting about this quite a bit...cuz that's all I got on the brain! Hehe...



  1. Yay!!!!!! Im so excited to see this post!! You are almost through the yucky first trimester!! Congrats again!!! Xoxo


    2) I survived my first trimester by essentially turning my ice water into lemonade using lemon juice. It sounds horrible, but I could not get enough of that sour! Plus, it kept me drinking water - which I hate.

  3. Congrats, Kelly! So happy for you!

  4. Yay! I am so happy to see this and see that you are announcing it!! Hopefully the nausea will be over soon!! :) My sister in law announced she is pregnant at Christmas too and she has also been craving the pickles! I guess it is a true thing!! So happy for you!

  5. Congrats!!!!!!!! can't wait to crochet your sweet baby something (i've been known to gift a tiny hat.. lol )