Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Non-Traditional NYE Ideas

   When I think of New Years Eve (NYE)..I think about getting dressed up..going out on the town...getting shwasted....but I haven't had a NYE like that in awhile...I do have some fun ideas however for a Non-Traditional NYE.

1. Bowling & Pizza
--Sure..this may sound kinda lame to some people..but get a group of people and this can be super fun! bring prizes for the winners...Make each round of bowling different by making people sing while bowling..bowl backwards...hop on one foot....

2. Scavenger Hunt
--its super cold here in Indiana right now...but if you can muster up the courage to bundle up and go outside...this would be a great time. For inspiration on how to create a scavenger hunt check out this site. Create a Scavenger Hunt.

3. Murder Mystery Night
--I did this a few years ago at a friends was 1920's theme..everyone dressed up in costumes..had characters...we all loved it...Here is some info on creating a murder mystery night

4. Game Night
--Self explainable...but this is one of my favorite things to do when we have people over. Plus you could make it a big game and whoever wins the most games altogether in the end, wins a big prize.

5. Go Clubbing at Home
Bahahaha..ok When I say clubbing...I mean have people over..make your living room look like a club....create a little bar...get dressed up like you are going fun music..get a disco ball..I think this would be seriously a dance party. You could even incorporate some "Just Dance" on the Wii or a little Karaoke.

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  1. We had game night with Aleks and her hubby for NYE :)