Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Decor Tour- FINALLY

     December 2014...I swear it was THE busiest month off my life...I'm not exaggerating....I was working 55+ hours a week so that I could have 10 whole days off for the holidays..a few other things were going on too....but I was so bummed I never got a chance to post my holiday decor tour until NOW...days AFTER Christmas....weeks after I actually decorated...and just a few days before New Years Eve.....but least I am getting to it...I worked so hard on all my holiday decor...and while I don't have a pic of my vintage table decor...I do have photos of pretty much everything theme this year was a Kitschy Christmas mantle with a shabby chic holiday entryway.....I made almost everything...I collected vintage holiday items for months to create my wreath and some of the it is...enjoy...

 *my Disney tree made a return

 *I made a LOT of these little paper Putz houses....very fun...very time consuming but thanks to my silhouette cameo for some help along the way

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe & happy New Years Eve! I'm off to finally hang some roman shades in our bedroom as well as some floating shelves..(floating shelves are the DEVIL!)


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  1. floating shelves ARE the devil. GAAAH! Love all the decor! So sad I didn't get to see in person but its completely beautiful!!! xoxox