Sunday, November 23, 2014

DIY "Winter Wonderland" Pillow Case

   While searching for Christmas decor inspiration, I stumbled across a pillow that I SO was on an extremely popular website that many people love....(*cough* its Pottery Barn). This pillow is so adorable and cute but for the pillow case alone its over $45...the insert was another $20. I like to splurge..but not on something that I know I could sort of replicate.  So... I give you my version and "How To" instructions.

Supplies needed:

Silhouette Cameo/Cricut/Some type of paper cutting machine-OR stencils would work as well!


Acrylic Paint-colors of your choice

Foam paint brush

Piece of cardboard the width and length of the pillow case

Pillow Case of your choose (good & inexpensive selection @ Hobby Lobby!)

Pillow Insert (again..hobby lobby!)

How to: 

I use a Silhouette Cameo..but like i said in the supples list..any cutting machine or stencils will work

1. Create your "Winter Wonderland" design...Making sure that the lettering will fit on the pillow case. I chose this because I wanted it to look like I had wrote this on the pillow myself...its whimsical...its called "Austie Bost Envelopes"..I believe it is from

2. Cut this out.

3. On a hard surface, place your piece of cardboard inside the pillow case. Use your foam paint brush and carefully push the paint into the stencil that you created.

4. I free handed a fancy underline under the "Winter Wonderland" I just painted...I'm totally copying the pillow case that I was pining for. 

4. Go back to your cutting machine and cut out designs that you can decorate the sides of the pillow case with. I used a snowflake & some pinecones that I cut out in various sizes. Again, you can find cute stencils at Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Jo-Anns that will work perfectly too!

5. For the designs on the side, I used a shimmery silver paint. I proceeded to push the paint onto the pillow case with the foam paint brush again. 

6. Let Dry, and insert your pillow into the case. Voila!..done.

I was pleased with how it turned out. Also, I spent about $15 total on the entire pillow, so that was a savings of about $60 from the original that I loved!

I will be busy around my house with Thanksgiving this week but can't wait to unveil ALL my fabulous Christmas decorations that I have been creating! BUT I hope some of you try this fun and easy project out...or make a totally different version of this with your spin on it!



  1. Love it! You are seriously the craftiest person of my life.

  2. I loose this kelly, I think you need to make a Let it go pillow to sit next to it :)

  3. I LOVE IT!! I love how you used my font!! :)

    1. oh how awesome! yes I love this font!

    2. Hey! I'm coming back through and finding folks who've featured my fonts! :) :) I'm releasing a new font in the next month and offering it to a select few for pre-release, with free commercial licensing! :) If you're interested, please email me at austinlowens at gmail dot com. :) :) Thanks again for the shoutout!!!