Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gallery Wall Inspiration

After a week off from work I thought it was time to get to posting some of the fun things I did on my "Staycation"...FIRST and foremost..I started & completed a skinny gallery wall in our entryway...I did not plan on doing this but the idea got stuck in my head and being the impulsive person I am I obviously started on this project immediately after thinking of it.....I did a little research before I actually started trying to find frames and begin this little project...I found this little bit of info that helped me

So I knew I needed to have various styles/sizes of frames...keep within the same color scheme & mix photos with other types of art/prints....

If you are going to do a gallery wall, and don't mind spray painting, I suggest heading to Goodwill to pick up your frames. Frames can get seriously expensive, especially when needing so many to create a whole wall of them! So, that is what i did. I kept with the major color scheme in my living room/entry and went with taupes,dusty turquoise & a bronze spray paint.  I did add one in that I used acrylic gold paint & brown antiquing wax on top of. I also wanted to incorporate some items I already I added a little mirror and an iron "A" I had in other places.

Getting the layout right took AWHILE! This is a bad representation..but you can see I started out on the floor with my frames...I measured the width & height of the wall I was going to be hanging them on and began rearranging my frames on the wouldn't think this would take much time..but I didn't want the same color frames next to one another or for 2 photos to be next to each other...

So finally I finished...I am very pleased with the results! I found some prints online (I don't have permission to show them on here so I blurred them out).....I also created some prints myself...

I'm obsessed with the scottie dog silhouette I well as the amazing deer head hook i picked up at Home Goods for $9.99!

I made this Indiana wooden sign the same way I did my "Harvest" sign in this post...except I used a cutout stencil from silhouette cameo.

I thought i would share one of the prints I made for my gallery wall with my readers....feel free to use it in your own home...if you do, please SHOW ME :)

Click here to download



  1. Downloading the print! THANKS!! Obsessed with that Indiana! I want it! lol This looks so fantastic. I love a good eclectic gallery wall.

  2. I love this and want to do this wall! Thank you for the download :)

  3. Your wall gallery is perfect! Just downloaded the print too...thank you!

  4. Looks Great! I've been needing some inspiration to do a gallery wall. I still haven't hung anything on the walls in the house we are renting.

  5. Great wall gallery advice! I've been thinking about doing one for a while now.
    I love your blog and followed you. I would love if you could check out mine