Thursday, September 4, 2014

Master Bathroom Makeover

 I may have mentioned before that when we moved into our house..our master bathroom was painted bright kiwi green...nothing against the color...i just didn't want a whole room of it...So, I painted it white..knowing one day I would jazz it up...that day came this past labor day weekend...4 years after moving in! I put a small teaser on my Instagram yesterday of my finished Master Bathroom here is the grand unveiling...

Here is a really terrible representation of before...(I didn't realize some of these pics were blurry till I uploaded them)

(By this point..I had taken down our shower curtain and just left the liner up so my husband could take one last shower in this bathroom before I undertook this 4 day project. Yes..the cluttered side of the counter is mine...but in MY defense...I knew I was doing this project this week and refused to clean the counter top off until I was ready to paint...don't my husband had cleared his side off already.)

Anyway...on to the project..after Pinteresting for many hours and looking up the prefect paint color for this room...I decided on Benjamin Moore "Bali" in a satin finish. It would go with the rest of our house...and I could tie some yellow and grey in to match our bedroom.

Benjamin Moore "Bali"

I started off by wiping down all the walls..and then taping off the trim and counters with Frog Tape...and then at the last minute I decided that I wanted to do some stripes on the wall next to the I found this lil guide..and after having to re-tape this 3 times because I miscalculated the dimensions...and using a level like I never have before...I got it taped perfectly.


(Once I had painted 2 coats on the stripes and let it dry..I removed the tape carefully and then taped along the edge of this wall so I could paint the adjacent wall without messing up my stripes..heck no was I gonna free hand that!)


Do you guys hate painting the edges of the too! like...terribly..and I was so fed up with painting, that at this point I was gonna cry if I had to tape off the ceiling...

So on one of my literally dozen trips to Home Depot/Lowes (thank goodness they are both 5 mins. from my house!)..I spotted this little gadget.and thought.."What do I have to lose?"..OMG--Best purchase EVVVVVERRRR!

Shur-Line Edger--From Home Depot

      For under $5.00 I was able to paint all the edges of my walls in under an hour...No lie..I was screaming with delight that someone invented this and that it actually worked! Maybe you guys knew about this already but I wasn't in on this secret but now I am spreading the word...if you are painting a this!

After all my painting was finished...I was so obsessed with my paint color choice I could have peed my pants over it! Its a dusty shade of turquoise/mint and its fabulous! If you are wondering..I got it at Ace Hardware.

On to framing my was a standard contractors bathroom mirror...nothing fancy..but I wanted to make it look more custom and I found a few tutorials on but of course Pinterest and off I was again to Home Depot...I bought 3 pieces of Composite Moulding..4 corner blocks and a can of white satin spray paint.

 I first measured how long I needed to cut the pieces of moulding when the 4 corner blocks were attached to the mirror. Then i used a miter saw to cut the moulding (its like the easiest thing in the world to cut and its SUPER lightweight). I spray painted all the pieces, front and back, including the corner blocks... is where it gets interesting...I did what the tutorials said and used Liquid Nails to attach my pieces to the mirror...problem is...even after taping the pieces up after I adhered them...they wouldn't stop falling off. Here is a pic before they fell off...

    Once the top and bottom fell off..I was obviously in tears....3 days into this project and it seemed as if I had ruined our mirror with glue! See...there are these clip things that attach the mirror to the wall...and I didn't wanna remove I tried to adhere the farm on top of the clips...BIG MISTAKE...but when all else fails and you got one shot....what does one turn to?...GORILLA GLUE...specifically Gorilla Glue Clear Gel...It doesn't run, dries clear and only takes 30 seconds to set...My type of totally worked and I don't think I could get the frame off if I tried! I then filled in any cracks or gaps with caulk.

I also went ahead and installed a new light fixture...replaced our light/electrical outlet covers..and built an over the toilet cabinet/shelf, cuz I'm handy like that..bahahaha...Oh and of course I got new rugs!!! Here are my final results..Oh..and Aaron installed his shaving station shelf..

Cabinet- Walmart
Rug- Target
Yellow Case- Vintage find

Shower Curtain & Rug- Target

Light Fixture- Lowes

 Frame- TJ Maxx

 (sorry the mirror is smudged :( )

Shelf- Target

Covers- Lowes

 Bath Pearls & a scented candle--recipe for a relaxing I right..or am I right?

 I picked up this bad boy @ TJ Maxx on clearance...Its actually a jewelry box but its perfect for fitting all my daily makeup into..and looks way better than my normal dirty makeup bag.

I really feel like I learned a lot during this project and found a lot of new products I never knew about or never tried before. I hope you guys get inspired to add a little sparkle to your bathroom after reading this!...and I am in the middle of like four million other I will be posting those as I finish them...


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  1. You are awesome Kelly! I seriously admire your work ethic, focus, and creative mind. You are so inspiring. I don't know too many people who dive into projects with no fear like you complete things all on their own. You ROCK! It looks soooo pretty. It's PERFECTLY your style. Way to go!!!
    p.s. I think painting bathrooms is dreadful. lol