Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Mantle & Decorating Ideas

     Its beginning to look a lot like Fall around here...which gets me excited for decorating...especially my mantle!..I like to do it at the end of September/beginning of that I can add a tiny bit of Halloween into the mix..then slowly pop in some Thanksgiving. I found some great items on Etsy as well as a few DIY's from Pinterest for you guys to get inspired for some Fall decorating.

Fall Mantle Ideas

    Prints are a great & inexpensive way to add something special to your mantle. Buying a frame that transitions from season to season is a money saving way to change the print but keep the frame on the mantle the entire year. This is something I do...I have one that is made of wood and adds that vintage/rustic feel to my mantle.

   Another idea that I definitely am adding to my mantle is the painted mason jars...super cheap and gives a great pop of color.

    And of course, I ALWAYS make a banner for every season. I bought a very nice Thanksgiving banner last year from a shop on Etsy but this year I have a silhouette cameo so I can make as many banners as I want easily!

Vintage Farm House Pumpkin made from Mason Jar Bands

Felt Acorn DIY

Lastly, a sign that I definitely want to try to make..maybe have it say something else...but I do love how she layered the paint to achieve this look!

Worn Fall Sign Tutorial

Anyone have any more ideas that you love for Fall decorating?



  1. Love that "Gather" print!!! and those felt acorns. I mean I just fainted from cuteness!!! I love how much you seasonally decorate. I'm trying to up my game but it's so hard for me. I get all weird about things need to be in the right place always etc. I mean seriously…can someone pass me a chill pill already.

  2. These are cute crafts, my favorite is the Vintage Farm House Pumpkin made from Mason Jar Bands, that's the one I'd like to try. Thank you for sharing this craft post.