Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Current Project List

    If it seems like I haven't been on my "blog game" the last 2 weeks..its because I have busy working away all my free time into projects....lots and lots of projects..and I just added another project idea to my roster 2 days here is the breakdown and I will include a link to the website where I got my idea...because obviously I just didn't dream all these up myself....

Vintage Kitchen Makeover- I have had a few "vintage" items in my kitchen ever since we moved in..but I wanted to take it a step further...add a little color...add a lil "kitsch" here is the website where I originally got my idea..
Check out 2 Little Superheroes. Its a great blog and gave me great tutorials!
This is a VERY large included/includes:

-adding hardware to our cabinets..we never have had any

-adding a shelf that I custom built to fit above our window

-painting my already amazing pendant light

-making cafe curtains..I figured out how from this link

-finding vintage items to decorate with..shout out to 3 STRAY CATS 

-Finding/painting a metal kitchen cart (I'm so in love with this)

-Making a banner/garland to hang across the shelf

-hanging a plate arrangement on the wall..I'm thinking plates from Target & Anthropologie..but i I'm hoping to find some pretty ones at goodwill/antique stores.

-Changing our pantry bi-fold doors to French doors...& adding cute knobs

and then theres the big paint my cabinets white or to leave them be?....
to do a backsplash or to leave it alone?
I'm leaning towards just doing a backsplash....

Barnwood Coffee Table Makeover- We already have the exact coffee table...and I've been wanting to change it but didn't know what to was my answer...

Master Bathroom Makeover- When we moved into our house every room was painted a bright color of the joke....every room was a different color of red or bright orange...this room,  however, was bright kiwi when we were painting over everything..this room was just painted, living here for 4 years this month..I need a change.
I don't have a lot of ideas for the paint color....our bedroom is grey/yellow/white so maybe grey???
But there is some shelving I want to build for this room and of course I will need a new shower curtain/rug...and I would LOVE to frame our big mirror

Last but not least....I have a project I started but now has to be completely redone and reimagined...when I actually do the project I will show you why....but I painted a chair...I read the tutorials..I read every step...its NOT a good I will be re-upholstering a chair that was in my living room...just waiting on some materials I had to order to come in....
Oh, and I'm hanging shelves in the laundry room too....

Lots of projects around here...what projects are you guys working on?

*None of these images belong to me, Links to the original image can be found by clicking on each image.


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  1. House projects are my life. I love this. I love your inspiration photos. I love your style. We are DIY soul mates. I'm so excited about all these changes you have going!!! xoxoxoxo