Monday, July 28, 2014

Uncorked : Hosted by Jessica Stout Design

For our grand re-branding of "Uncorked", Jessica from Jessica Stout Design hosted at her beautiful home. 
If you have been following any of our blogs or social media, you probably know by now that our "Uncorked" events are for us blogger or non-blogger friends to get together, hang out, chat & try new wines chosen soley by their label. We got to meet some new friends that Jessica invited and they were awesome.

Being summer, most of us chose white wines or summery types. Did anyone drink the can of wine???

    The wine I chose to bring was Brancott Estate "Flight Song" Pinot Grigio. A lighter tasting wine with fewer calories than most. The label was so whimsical and I loved the font so I had to bring it. It was nice, bright and light. Just what the label suggested.

    My favorite wine of the evening was The Wine Sisterhood: Magical Moscato. I am not a Moscato fan, at all so this definitely was a surprise! The label was fun too! I love hand drawn looking labels!

"Delicious aromas of warm summer peaches with a dusting of lemon zest followed by a lingering floral finish. " 

I will be trying this one again sometime!

    During the evening as we sat and ate wonderful light fare made by Jessica, we watched "American Blogger". A documentary featuring women who blog all over the was enlightening and interesting. I need to watch it again...I felt like I talked a lot during it...mostly about how beautiful the bloggers were...and how I was Cara Loren's hair...(duh, who doesn't?)

    My favorite part of these events is the interesting, enlightening and obviously hilarious conversations we all have...some fav. quotes from the night:

"I'll wear leggings for the rest of my life....I don't care...I'm going to be THAT woman"-Val

"Chicken scratch over here doesn't like feathers!"-Jessica

    Thank you so much for hosting Jessica! Your home is to die for and you are the perfect host!

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  1. I had so much fun!!! I love you girls!!!! xooxoxoxxoxoxooxoxox and those quotes! hahahahahaha

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I will have to try those wines out, I don't think I've had any of them before.