Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pottery Barn Dorm Room-What I would do now looking back

    For those of you that are just graduating from high school and will be heading to college soon..I have a few ideas for your dorm rooms! Its been a wee bit since I was a college student...and back then I thought my dorm room was pretty slammin...but now looking back I would definitely have done a few things differently. (Like maybe not had a huge poster of Jessica Simpson's Rolling Stone cover on my wall...yikes!) If I could do it all over again, I'd definitely be hitting up Pottery Barn Dorm for their items! Have you seen some of this stuff? Its amazing. There are tons of different styles from beachy, sporty, girly and you can get tons of items personalized. Even with your sorority or fraternity on them. I searched through their site and chose my style and my favorite items to create a perfect dorm room to inspire some of you soon to be college students.

Chloe Wall Mirror Jewelry Storage (I need this for my house!)

Touch Up Pens (these are so awesome..especially for a college kid who just needs to touch up a spot on their desk they bumped into)

   Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for what a your dorm can look like...it doesn't have to be a miss mosh of stuff....you can make it look chic and put together.


*This post is sponsored by PBDorm. My opinions are all my own.


  1. Ooooh! Love that simple white desk so much! And those white wooden desk accessories are so pretty! I'm not going to college, but I think I might add a few of these to my home office :)

  2. I really love the curtains! Everything at pottery barn is fabulous I especially like the dorm and teen lines, they are so fun! Great job Kelly :) :)

  3. The lamp, the chair, the org bins!!! Oh and that bedspread! So adorable! I agree if I could do my "college" days differently I would have went for a bit more classy look! Love Pottery Barn!!

  4. I would totally decorate my dorm room completely different now! I think there is cooler stuff out there now too. Back in the day.....I didn't have PB Dorm and cool stuff like this!! My dorm room décor was navy blue and lime green, and I had a beer poster on my wall!! So boyish!! haha!! I thought I was too cool for school!