Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Uncorked : Relaunch & Rebrand of "Sip Happens"

       I've been involved in a lil event called "Sip Happens" for several months now...if you read my blog you may have seen some of my posts about it, including one where I went through options of what to wear to said event. Well, the event has been Renamed and Rebranded and we are calling it, "Uncorked"...still a fun wine tasting/socializing event but a little more casual. Just a night to chill out and unWINEd!!!  
(Get it...UnWINEd?...hahaha...P.S..Super stoked over the graphics i got to design for the event, below) 

This wine event will be a great excuse to take a break from regular life and have a glass or 5 of wine.  Like Amber said "I'm just there to drink & encourage."....a perfect summary of what the night should be.  There are no rules. You can drink alone on your patio or have all your fav gal pals meet you at a local hot spot. You can drink whatever wine you like: one you have loved for ages, a new one based off the label (Val's favorite thing to do :) ), or create a theme around the wine (I'm voting for renaissance fair themed..or knights of the round table..bahahaha) Do whatever you want & let us know all about it on
Use #uncorkedandunwined on all your social media to show us pics from your "Uncorked" events! We definitely wanna see them! Oh and please feel free to share all the "Uncorked" graphics and if you want grab to the ad on my sidebar for the event go right ahead.

Link up on mine or any of the Uncorked team's blogs:

This is your official invite to our wine club! Everyone is welcome. Go ahead…grab a glass!


  1. I adore the new logo! Thanks so much for all your hard work on that! I can't wait until we all get our wine on together again!! ;-)

  2. the graphic is perfect kelly!! Amazing job :)

  3. I love the logo, especially the colors! I'm excited to be teaming up with you ladies!