Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Importance of being Nice

         Its not hard....not a difficult undertaking...but some people just can't seem to get it...Its important to be nice...it gets you way farther in life...

         Ok..you're probably thinking "what the heck?"......but I'm writing this because lately, I and many of my friends have dealt with people that are NOT nice..(or aren't acting like they are)...I just don't get it...why is it so hard? I totally get having a bad day..believe me..when I am "cycling", the last thing I wanna do is smile and be sweet and cater to your every whim...but I do...I definitely "act" like everything is ok....and eventually, acting like you are happy...acting like nothing is wrong...it kind of turns your mood around..it gets you feeling a little better and a little happier...and in turn, a little nicer. 

         I feel like being nice can rub off on people too...If someone is being less than pleasant to you...wouldn't it be amazing to kill them with kindness?...If they are mean to you anyway..then thats their problem...but maybe they will turn around and their mood will change too...its contagious.

     The people who are out there that maybe don't realize how their attitudes & comments affect people....well..let me tell you, they do...being nice IS SO important.

         When you go to a restaurant and the wait staff isn't exactly on par...do you think it is a good idea to be a jerk to them?...NO!...but if you are nice, HOPEFULLY they will accommodate you and take special care of you and your table.....its just the same in any customer service profession...or any profession for that matter!
        Theres a saying "Nice Guys Finish Last"...Well, in my experience that isn't true.... but there are other people who say "You Catch More Flies with Honey than you do with Vinegar"....well, I don't want to catch any flies...but the saying is true...be nice..it'll take you far.



  1. I agree totally. When someone is being mean to me it definitely effects me but Im sensitive and get my feelings hurt easy.

  2. Amen sista. I just see no cause or reason in being rude. I'm not saying I don't have my moments…because we all do..sometimes(mostly) by accident. But honestly, I try my hardest everyday to bite my tongue unless its something just 100% unacceptable. That saying about how its so much easier to just be nice then to be mad is so true. I find it so much more refreshing to be kind then to stew and stir the pot. I love your kind heart Kelly. You have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me in how you talk kindly about others and always treat others with respect. I'm not joking right now. This is a quality I have admired about you since I first met you.

  3. So true. You don't know what the waitress is going through that day. When something hits us over the head, or at least me, I am super aware of kindness and unkindness. Unkindness is unbearably hard when dealing with something really difficult...like the illness of a relative.

  4. I totally agree. Being nice to everyone, even if they're rude to me first, is very important to me.

    I nominated you For a Liebster award! Make sure you check out my blog post for the questions and rules here: http://mirandawertz.blogspot.com/2014/05/liebster-award.html