Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get to Know Me

1.) I have 4 books that I just haven't finished...I'm either 1/2 way through them or almost done...I just never want anything to end...I did this with Twilight and when I finished the last 1/2 of "Breaking Dawn"..I was so bummed I cried that it was over...hahaha

2.) I'd rather buy something for my house than anything else.

3.) I'm sort of obsessed with organizational paper clips..stickers...washi tape...anything..i will buy it

4.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting packages in the mail....who doesn't??? Anyone wanna send me a surprise!

5.) My absolute favorite TV shows of all time are "That 70's Show", "Breaking Bad", "Modern Family", "Entourage" (which I am watching for the 2nd time :)

6.) I have a severe issue with getting my laundry put away...and it actually drives me crazy...never enough time in the day...

7.) I have a weakness for buying lipstick...i have so much lipstick its do I use it all?..nah...haha

8.) I would love to go to culinary school

9.) I could watch movies all day long...every single day

10.) My first celebrity crush was Devon Sawa...and JTT..and Andrew Keegan....haha...and then it was Hanson...and its still Hanson...(don't judge. :) )



  1. Laundry is my nemesis I can never get it completed.Those were some of my first crushes too!

  2. These are fun! I most know what 4 books you haven't finished

  3. I have a hard time finishing books too, clearly, since I have three started on my iPad…going on like 6 months now. UGH.
    Also. Hands down. I will always spend money on my house before clothes or anything else!!!