Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Aro & Company + The Long Bob

       Recently I became a stylist for an online boutique called "Aro & Company"  (ad on my sidebar). I was thrilled that they chose me to be a part of their site. I ordered 3 tops from them and received them within just a few days. Too be honest...not a lot of boutique type tops usually fit me...they are usually too tight in the bust and too loose everywhere else...but not the tops I got from Aro & Company. I was so thrilled that I LOVED all 3 tops. They are all very different and very versatile. They are such an amazing company that they even gave me my very own promo code for my readers.  It is " SEQUINSANDSCISSORS10 ". Click the ad on my sidebar and head over to their site..you will not be disappointed.

      Along with my new tops..I am showing off a brand new haircut & color, courtesy of my friend & seester (hehe), Katie. This cut was a much needed change and I thought about it for a LONG time. I ended up cutting almost 9 inches off!!!  So, I wanted to hear Katie's thoughts on how she cut my hair and why if you are on the fence about cutting your long locks....why you shouldn't be....

-----  It's time to cut those super long locks! Let's face it ladies, you've been growing your hair out your whole life! My guess is that you still aren't happy with your hair.
        It's too dry, lifeless, and there is no style to it. Maybe it's time to consider changing it up, but FOR REAL this time......I have worn my hair all lengths, and cutting my super long hair was by far the hardest hair decision I ever made. I say this to let you know that I have been there. 
      So, when Kelly (my seester) and I were talking about changing her hair, I decided I had to be the one to do it for her! 

        We started by dry cutting her length. Then after considering whether or not to to do a background color on her (base color), (we decided not to), I did a color wash on her ends leaving out the top section of her hair. Then we shampooed her hair and dried it. Lastly for her color, I did a balayage highlight, focusing on brightening her mid strands and ends. We also gave her a lovely "money piece" in the fringe area! I LOVE a good money piece!  (brighter piece around face)
For Kelly's cut, I brought it up to her collar bone. This is a perfect place to cut the hair if the person wants a shoulder length look when they curl it. It is very versatile, she can still pull it up if she wants to, and it is a very feminine look.   Most women are scared to cut their hair because they are afraid it won't look sexy or feminine anymore. Take one look at Kelly and tell me that isn't fabulous and feminine!


(i'm wearing size Medium in all of these tops)

               THE PICNIC TEE

I actually really love my shorter hair and do not miss my long hair in the least! ....I feel so much more  stylish and I've been noticing a ton of celebs are now sporting this 'do...Taylor Swift..Kaley Cuoco...I'm definitely feeling new for Spring & Summer!


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  1. 1. your gorge.
    2. I love Katie.
    3. That flutter top was created just for you.
    4. Love Aro & Company!!!