Thursday, April 10, 2014

What to Wear: Lounge Wear

      Tomorrow is the 2nd "Sip Happens"....a wine tasting event where us blogger pals..hang yummy food and of course drink WINE! We get to rate the wines that we try...and discuss our likes and dislikes..but first and foremost it is a gab fest! haha...I am really excited for this one because..not only do I know these girls now...(cuz last time I was so nervous about meeting these blogging "celebrities" ..i nearly threw up before the party) & because it is combining 2 of my favorite things...Pajamas/Loungewear and yes..WINE! We are all wearing comfy I have been trying to think of some ideas for fashionable lounge wear that can be worn at a party but potentially mistaken for jammies...well some are jammies...but here is what I am thinking...

i could have been exercising before this look

causal cute

just at the beach

here for the food

        I'm not sure which look I am going with yet but I'm a fan of them all...can't wait to spot some of these loungewear looks tomorrow night! Sip is definitely going to happen!



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  2. Where is the "I sleep in clothes that a middle aged homeless man would" look? That is what I will be rocking ;)

  3. I love all of the above :) Lounge wear for the win.

  4. I'd rather be a mermaid? Yes please!

  5. Love the "could have been exercising" look-- and of course the donut pants.