Monday, April 14, 2014

Sip Happens: 2nd Edition

It was was.....SIP HAPPENS! was a night full of laughter...smiling..eating...and an all around fabulous time. It was hosted by none other than my #favchickever, Valerie from Chicken Scratch Blog. She did an amazing job with hosting and went all out with her fun decor. The theme was "Slumber Party" it included watching some of our favorite girly movies..a popcorn bar...eating pizza..and Valerie even made cupcakes for some of us who had birthdays in the last thoughtful....*tear*

from Chicken Scratch Blog

We also got some swag bags that included loads of fun stuff!!! 
from Chicken Scratch Blog
I am a HUGE fan of this print from Pearls & Prints on Etsy! It even has a special place in my craft room/office/fancy room reveal! We also got some nail decal samples from Erin @ Jamberry nails...a headband from Chicken Scratch Designs as well as some fun socks from Valerie...and a yummy energy boosting drink...also, we got a little "spa" bag with some slumber party=esque goodies from Aleks!

Oh, in my previous post about what to wear to this delightful event I gave myself many options but in the end I opted for the "I was just at the beach" look..donning my new navy and multi-colored print palazzo pants..with a navy tank..and an oversized slouchy open front sweater...casual yet still fashionable.

 On to the WINE!

"Crunk Cups" (hahaha..Amber)

For this Sip Happens..we chose "animal" themed wines...I brought "The Birdman" Pinot Grigio..and "Yellow Tail" Pinot Grigio. (obvi thats my fav kind of wine)

 There were a ton of different types this I tried to sample them all.....ok.....I did sample them all..can you blame me?

 My favorite new wine I tried had to be the "Pink Zebra" moscato wine...the name says it all...its fun and frisky and the pink label and cork were just amazing..I am not a fan of sweet wines normally..but this one had just enough of a tart punch! Here is the brands own description:

Moscato - California
Pink Zebra Central Coast Moscato is a pretty wine overflowing with floral aromas, fresh apricot flavors and a hint of sweetness.


Sip Happened and it was spectacular!
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  1. Crunk cups lol they are huge :)

  2. crunk cups….hahaahah
    It was such a fun night!!! Your outfit was the best thing I have seen in the history of ever.

  3. How much fun!! This is such a fantastic idea!

  4. Crunk cups?!?! lol We should bedazzle our names on the front of these wine glasses for the next party! haha! The always fashionable Kelly!