Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sequins & Sparkles: w/guest Lauren from "Pearls & Pastries"

     Many people don't know this...well, actually no one really knows this...the inspiration for my blog name/shop "Sequins & Scissors" was actually inspired by a hanger....yes..a hanger, like for tops or dresses, but not just any hanger...a Sequins Hanger, covered in sparkly..shiny..beautiful, sequins! I loved it as soon as I saw it. So, when trying to figure out a name for my blog...the image of that hanger popped into my head, and What was I doing as I thought of it...cutting hair! So, that is how "Sequins & Scissors" was created. I love it...it encompasses everything I want it to..fashion, creativity, its feminine...pretty...and kinda sassy..like"I'll cut you" sassy...hahaha

 but...back to the sequins hanger...

      This magical and wondrous piece was created by a the unbelievably talented, Lauren, creator of "Pearls & Pastries". Her work inspires me...excites me and makes me smile even on a bad day...I mean SERIOUSLY! I could faint over her creations!

(She makes amazing prints as well...some of which I have in my home)

When I asked Lauren to be a part of my "Sequins" post..I was elated, (and honestly if she knew the truth about it)..I was literally jumping up and down for joy that she agreed to be a guest on my blog. Me being a big fan of hers, I wanted to know a little about her and what inspires her...and also she loves all things sparkly..glittery..and girly...*

    First I have to say that I am BEYOND excited to be a part of this post! When I found out that this post was going to be about sequins and sparkle my heart fluttered a little! What girl doesn't love sparkle? I fell in love with Kelly’s blog the first time I read it. Its so full of inspiration… not to mention all of the fun goodies she has in her Etsy shop! 

     All of my life I have gravitated toward glitter and sequins, the more the better in my book. My journey began with a Sequin Hanger. I made one for myself and had so much fun displaying my favorite shirt/dress/jewelry on it I knew I had to share the sparkle! I made few for my girlfriends and sent them on their way. There is something about opening up a package that is bursting with confetti and sequins that will cheer you up on even the worst days.

       I had always known that I wanted to create pretty things and spread smiles, whether it’s a print that inspires you to chase your dreams, reminds you of how awesome you really are, or a sequin hanger that adds the perfect amount of fancy to your wedding dress, your outfit of the day, or just sparkly wall art! 

     Pearls and Pastries the shop was born March 2013, and soon after that the blog Pearls and Pastries was created. My blog is a place you can come and get your daily dose of sparkle, inspiration, and leave feeling you can do anything you want. The Pearls and Pastries Shop is a place where a handful of confetti and sequin hangers come to life! 

My goal is to inspire you through sparkle. Its the little things in life that make it special. We all can design a life we love. 


*Truly, she is fabulous & I wanna hang out with her...I'm just putting that out there..(you don't live that far away!)
Thank you Lauren for inspiring me...and for inspiring this sparkly, mini-photoshoot...

and now for a 
Super Sparkly Giveaway!!!!

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I hope this post put a little sparkle into your day..I know I had a lot of fun creating it * (even though I think I am going to be finding sequins all over my house for the next year)


  1. hello sequins is EVERYTHING

  2. I really better win this! I'm pretty sure I turned you on to her shop so its the least you could do…ya know let me win! ahahhahahahahahah just kidding…sort of of.
    UM. Also, the photo of yourself sitting down is complete perfect. That is all.

  3. I did wonder where the sequins in your blog name was inspired from! So fun! Love those sequin hangers!

  4. I want a sequined refrigerator...lol what??...

  5. Their sooooo....I don't know....girly!! & I want my entire office covered in them!!

  6. Those hangers are incredible, I want to win the pink one! Thank you for sharing at Fluster's #CreativeMuster. I hope that you'll come back and share with us again.
    Hugs, Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin @ Fluster Buster