Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

    So, I know..I know..I've been slacking on the blog lately...but its SO not on purpose! I have been CrAzY busy with work and then I wrecked my car a wee bit so I have been dealing with that anyways...Next week, I am going to be posting a mega amazing Spring fashion/hair photo shoot that I did with two of my best pals last weekend and I cannot wait to share it with you guys! Until then I was inspired to share my very favorite Fashion Trends for the Spring! (Please Spring COME!...It was 66 degrees yesterday and today it snowed like it was a blizzard..WTF?!?!)

Spring 2014 Trends

Tribal pants

Spring 2014 Trends

Spring 2014 Trends by judeevine featuring blue flats

The Nautical Inspired Everything is my absolute Favorite..Me + Navy Stripes= Happy Day! I hope you get a little inspiration from these trends..rummage through your closet..break out something you haven't worn in awhile...because some of these trends are making a comeback!

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  1. I LOVE bomber jackets!! I saw some pants like that American Eagle that I was really tempted to buy, but I had a budget that would've only allowed me to get one other thing that day. Sigh.
    Eva Marie Taylor