Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fashion Report- Mens & Women's Spring Update

      With Spring here..well sort of here....( snowed yesterday) but thats not the point..its Spring and there are a lot of amazing trends out there. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about women's spring trends but I am going to elaborate a bit more and include men's fashion as well. I was asked to partner with and show the trends I am most excited about..Their site features men's attire that is a great fit, top notch quality and lots of options. I would definitely want my husband to wear anything they carry! Go to Paul Fredrick to read their take on what every guy should have this season! So, here are some of my favorites for this season.

1.-2.-3.- Casual Denim & Stripes- perfect for any/everyday
4.- Linen and Pastel- Dressy but still Casual
5.-6.-8.- Double Breasted Suits, Light Blue & Tailored Looks- Love it
7.- Watercolor & Florals- I think this is great when done in a manly way.
9.- Camo with solids- These pants are awesome! and I love the subtle printed sneakers 
10.- Chino Pants...& did I mention Light Blue! -I love light blue with khakis..this look isn't too "office" looking but still looks dressy. The chino pants make it more fun.

1.- Chambray with solid or printed skater skirts
2.- much Mint, Lavender & Baby Pink that it is just amazing!
3.-Florals- These are big for men & women this year.
4.- Printed Skater Dresses
5.- Printed Pants- (one of my favorite trends ever)
6.- Nautical- Navy, White, Red...I actually have the sweater pictured...I am so obsessed with this trend its insane.

There's my wrap up. and check out for the man in your life! 


  1. Radiant orchid. This is my year. 2014 is the year I have been waiting for all my life. But seriously…great collection here today. I love the denim jacket and the camo pants for men!

  2. I had no idea there were different colors for men and women!

  3. That placid blue color is my favorite on Chris. For myself I absolutely love cayenne and hemlock!!