Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

      I usually don't do anything extraordinary for Valentines Day...but I thought this year I would compile a list of possible things me and my hubby could do.....interesting and different kinds of dates that you may or may not have thought of before.....I collected ideas from friends and from my own thoughts...and while one of my best friends suggested a date in an elevator Christian Grey style...(you know who you are)...I thought these ideas may be a little more universally friendly....

(Image via Pinterest...editied by me)

1.) Take a cooking class or make dinner together @ home

2.) Go Carting

3.) Indoor Rock Climbing

4.) A night @ a bed and breakfast

5.) Visiting a winery or brewery

6.) Breaking out your tripod and doing an impromtu photoshoot together

7.) Visiting a farm (Fair Oaks Farms or Traders Point Creamery)

8.) A night at the comedy club

9.) Ice cream & Coffee date

10.) Batting Cages

11.) The Handlebar (it may be a bit cold out..but its worth a shot!)

12.) Go to the Godiva store then pick up some wine and have a wine and chocolate picnic on your living room floor

13.) Go to a bookstore and pop random sweet sayings written on scraps of paper in between the pages of books.

14.) Rainy Day Romance (Give your loved one a pair of rain boots, and umbrella & a note of where you would like to go with them on a rainy date..preferably somewhere thats normally crowded but not so much on a rainy day)

15.) Make your own wine! (The Cellar on the Square)

16.) Go to the mall, give each other $5-$10 to buy a fun/sweet/awesome gift that reminds you of your sweetheart, then set a time to meet back with each other.

17.) Explore an antique store

18.) Find a planetarium and gaze up at the stars

19.) Act like kids...visit a toy store then go have ice cream 

20.) Have brunch at the Alexander Hotel then explore their very own art exhibit.

21.) If your sweetheart enjoys guns take him to the shooting range

23.) For something spicy hop over to Lava Lips hot sauce tasting bar

24.) Ice skating then hot chocolate 

25.) Take a dance class 

What are you doing for Valentines day? 


  1. these are all great ideas! We are going to spend some time together kid free :) which might just mean we watch netflix together

    1. netflix sounds great to me! my kind of long as there is food.....and wine

  2. Good ideas! I like the one about hitting up the Godiva store!