Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweet Avery Grace Shop + Exclusive Promo Code

      So, I haven't had a desktop computer in years… now that I do…I needed to accessorize with a beautiful mousepad…I looked on Etsy for days…trying to find one that tickled my fancy..low and behold I discovered a wonderful little shop called...

     They specialize in monogrammed items that are just about the coolest looking things ever….not just mouse pads...but koozies, phone cases, iPad sleeves, dog tags, coasters...and more. There are also tons of prints, colors, designs and and fonts to choose from. So you pick everything yourself (custom, yo!) This is totally up my alley..especially since my craft room/office/fancy room is all color coordinated. 

     Did I mention the prices are super reasonable? Like…crazy super reasonable! personalized custom order came in the mail in just a week. This wonderful shop also is giving FREE SHIPPING to Sequins & Scissors readers! So now you gotta get something from them!!!

Click HERE to shop!!! "Sweet Avery Grace" on Etsy

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