Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sip Happens- A Magical Evening

       It all started with an idea from a dear friend of mine,Valerie..the idea then snowballed into a fabulous evening of laughs, new friends & wine....lots of wine
Sip Happens: 1st Edition

(This post may include a ton of photos...ok..it will..so get ready)

Meet our grand hosts
                                 Valerie @ Chicken Scratch Blog                                      
(look at those jugs..i mean..bottles..bahahaha)

(dang girl...look at dat ***)

and via northern Indiana-
 (she hosted her own party with another group of ladies that looked EPIC)

and now for the wines of the night

The reason behind this event, besides meeting fabulous new blogging friends..was to compare the wine bottles labeling to what the flavor was inside....

      Here are my findings-- I'm not a red wine person...I drink pinot grigio like its my duty and thats just how it is....However....I did enjoy both wines a lot! 

     The 14 Hands was a bit cherry like...and not extremely dry..a little smoother like the cascading mane on the great steed adorning the label.

     The Show Malbec was a bit spicier like the horse on the label bucking the cowboy around..and a bit dryer as well.

   My winner winner chicken dinner-- 
14 Hands-Hot to Trot
Me not being a red wine drinker...I think this one suited my taste a bit better..and even more fabulous, 14 Hands sponsored the entire event & even donated a bottle for each of us to take home and savor...click here to learn more about this fab company.

On to the partay...
Amber @ The Browsing Brunette even made us all hand made sugar scrubs that smelled like magical fields of pomegranate trees..see how she made them here
One of our dreamy hosts, Valerie showing us how buff she is opening the wine & then doing an impromtu senior year photoshoot....I wish these pics turned out less blurry but you get the idea..(it just makes them more artsy, right?)
Me and one of my new favorite people...(& another one of our hosts for the night), Eva..I believe I was showing her my post where I dressed up like a boy.....yes....thats the kind of classy gal I am...
 Honestly...I think there is only maybe 1 normal photo of me from this night....why, oh why I ask you?

("blame it on the a-a-a-a-a alcohol")

delicious goodies...I didn't even get a pic of Aleks' fantastic antipasto skewers!!!! but believe me she posted a photo & a recipe here! (She is a pretty neato mosquito lady)

Glorious gals gabbing about girly goodies....(what?... alliteration much?) Did I mention how talented Amanda is?..Check out her wonderous blog here

Check out this little ray of sunshine's blog, Elise @ Sunday Charm (I referred to her as her blog name all night..because I love it)

 Amber at the beginning of the evening

and at the end
 (most hysterical thing ever...especially when your on your 3rd..i mean 4th...oh who am I kidding...when Elise left i drank her wine too...haha)

and last but definitely not least...one of my favorite photos of the night....

So..Sip Happened....and it was magical....I can't wait to have our next event "The Java Jamboree" (there I go with alliteration again)...and I feel very fortunate to have met this great group of ladies...To share our bloggy interests and DIY adventures..

I am so thankful to have made some new friends!

Chicken Scratch


  1. Oh my word! I just love you!! I am so glad someone included Amber's picture with the horse chalkboard frame! That last pic of me, haha! "Heyyyyy!" I am totally stealing the first one for instagram! :) and I LOVE alliteration! Can't wait for our Java Jamboree!

  2. I love my horse picture lol. And look at my stern face in that picture with Elise I look "mom mad". LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics

  3. A) The last picture of Eva is super awesomesauce. 2) It was also awesomesauce meeting you and gulping down delicious wine.