Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Explaining to your hair stylist what you actually want

         I hear it everyday...people trying to explain to me what they want or don't want with their hair...Luckily I have been doing hair long enough that I have a large clientele that just trusts me to do what I think is best..but what about those times that you move to a new city...or your stylist quits doing hair...or they are still need your hair you try a new/different person...but how do you explain to them what you want in a style/color/cut?...Its kind of like a blind date...are you going to like them?..are they going to do what you want them to do? Here is a little advice from me to you about what to tell them in your initial consultation..(and if your stylist doesn't have a consultation with you and you have never seen them before..RUN FOR THE HILLS!)

1.) Bring in photos of what you DO like and what you DON'T like....Even if you are just getting blonde highlights..bring in photos of the blondes you do like and those you think aren't for you. I cannot stress this enough with RED hair color...many a time people will see red hair color and think its just red..but there are zillions of different tones of red..copper, strawberry, mahogany...just please bring in photos..I promise we will not be annoyed..Its better for me to get a visual of what you want to see.

2.) Back to Blonde haircolor...this erks me every time.."I don't want to see any red"...well when you're hair is dark brown and you want to go bright blonde...there is going to be some "warmth" in your hair..unless we bleach the crap out of it and break it off *smiles annoyingly*....for some reason..some blondes will always see red in their hair..even though it is actually gold/honey/beige...its not don't think it is...and by this entire part of this post..I am just saying "Be realistic about your expectations for what color can do and cannot do." 

3.) Thoroughly explain to the stylist the length you want for your hair..we speak in lengths like this "clavicle".."arm pit".."chin"..."shoulders"...explain where you want your hair to hit when it is dry..that way the stylist can leave a bit of length so that when it dries it will pop up to your desired length...I always say leave a bit more length because we can always go back and take more off.

4.) Highlights/Lowlights---please specify if you would like these more "natural" looking or more "dimensional".."chunky" (oh dear)..."brighter around my face"...."more highlights than lowlights"..etc.

5.) Tell the stylist what products you are using by saying I use a "volumizing spray".."a smoothing product".."hairspray"...They don't need specific product names...this is good to tell the stylist because that way they can get an idea of how you wear your hair by the types of products you use..

6.) If you do not like how the style is looking or if you want something tweaked.."Speak up!"..especially if its your first visit with this hair stylist...they would want to know if you want something changed or altered so that you are happy and don't have to come back in for an adjustment.

7.) If you have thick hair..a lot of the times people ask me to "thin" out their hair..I hate that terminology...I prefer "take out weight"..I think some stylists think "thin out" you want half of the density of your hair taken away...its all about where you take it from and where you leave that density...some stylists get scissor happy with their texturizing just let them know you would like a bit of weight taken I said before..they can always take more out.

8.) Explain how you style your hair...a good "blow out" should last at least 2 days (for most people...) want the style to be how you like to wear explain what styling tools (brushes...curling irons..flat irons..rollers) you use or don't use to the stylist. 

9.) Tell the stylist how often you get your services done.."Every 6 weeks for a color/cut"...that way they can judge how fast your hair grows and how much you may want off of the cut, if you just want it "shaped up"...

10.) Be nice...I swear if someone is super nice to me..I will bend over backwards to make them love their hair...

I hope this helps on your next visit to the salon 


  1. These are great tips Kelly!! I'm lucky I found valerie and I let her do her thing :)

  2. Yes, let's all agree based on my high school hair that "chunking" should not be allowed, and that no Asian should attempt to go blonde! Haha! ;) I never have great color experiences. One time I went to check out after getting high lights and they almost didn't charge me because the girl at the counter couldn't tell. In my car I could tell with the sun shinig down, but when I got home you couldn't tell. That's the last time I colored my hair and it was 6 years ago!
    Eva Marie

    1. hey eva...there is a blonde for everyone, I promise! My best friend that is Filipino has had beautiful caramely hair and totally pulled it i know you could too!