Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to style your bangs when growing them out

           I do it almost every year...I always think.."Oh it'll be so cute and different".."Its great for fall and winter"..."I need a change and do NOT want to cut off of my hair"....Then I do it..its a spur of the moment decision usually..and this time I did it at 9:30pm on a Tuesday....That was 2 months ago.....inevitably I always get sick of them...and decide "I gotta grow these things out..they're driving me NUTS!".... Meet the Bang Dilemma

     Its such a rough process....there are always awkward phases..then you almost decide to cut them again because it seems like it would just be easier....but no fret....keep growing them...today I am going to show you how to pull off growing out your bangs without feeling like you look silly.... 

There are a few go to styles that I tend to do on the daily because they are easy..

Most of the time...I push my bangs to the side..I  wet my bangs and round brush them to the side to encourage them to want to go that way..then flat iron them so they aren't puffy

      or.....I wear a headband (this one is from Chicken Scratch'd Designs)  I put the headband on first then I tease the back of my hair with a fine tooth comb and use light hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Or you can try my Twist Braid Technique...I use this for Updo's...or to get my hair pulled to one side without falling down but it is fantastic for keeping your bangs out of your face....
1.) Start with parting your bangs into 2 vertical sections
2.) Twist the bottom section over the top
3.) Now the original top section is on the bottom...grab an additonal section of hair and add it to the now bottom section
4.) Twist that section over the top section
5.) Continue this until you are happy with how far it goes over...use one or two bobby pins to secure it underneath your hair that is down...then pull it out a tiny tiny bit just to soften it....

     This is cute even if you aren't growing out your bangs...Feel free to keep going all the way down the side to give it a different look.

     Here I am modeling my fun hairstyle in my backyard trying not to step on Scottie Dog poop..haha...It was decent outside, so why not take a pic out there? 

Sweater-TJ Maxx, Dress & Socks-Target, Belt-Michael Kors, Boots-Nine West


  1. beautiful!! Love the twisted braid :)

  2. OOOH! Thanks for the shout out!!!! What is it about us and bangs??? I nearly cut mine off this year too…like every other year…but luckily I had Jam and Katie talk me out of it. What is with us hairstylists making this mistake year in and year out???? I love your braid though. I want your hair. Maybe you need to give me extensions so mine is as long as yours!

  3. Love that last look! I haven't had bangs in years but I think I'm going to try it anyway!

  4. Ooh, I want to try that braid in the front. I've done a twisty little do but not a braid. Love your outfit, too...glad you didn't step in any doo-doo! Our backyard is like that old minesweeper game!

  5. Love the braid!! That was one of my favorite styles when I was growing out my bangs. Cute and simple, which is my fav! xo