Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beach Waves in the Winter

        I was inspired by Miss Eva Marie Taylor yesterday to do a hair tutorial...I was going to do a braid or something but after washing my hair and leaving it in a towel for 20 minutes, I realized what I should do...

So, I guess you could say I am kind of trying to channel summer with these beachy here's how I did this style....

1.) Before washing my hair I made sure I brushed out the tangles. Then, after washing my hair with my normal shampoo & conditioner (Nioxin!) I wrapped it up in a towel for 20-30 minutes (do not comb it out). I took it down and the waves had already started to form. I then sprayed "Its a 10" spray throughout and scrunched it in.

2.) It should be slightly damp at this point...and kinda messy looking

3.) Next, take clips and push sections of hair on the top layer up and clip.  Then, diffuse it or put your hair dryer on the lowest setting and gently dry the top. (You could also let it air dry but I didn't have time for that today) This will add a bit more volume on top.

4.) It should look like you attempted to do a crazy half up half down style that went incredibly wrong!

5.) Take the clips're saying "Now what? looks horrible!"

6.) No worries, section it off with a clip so that you are only working with the bottom layer. (I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to use clips when styling your hair. It allows you to work with one section at a time and makes it way easier.)

7.) Take a 1" curling iron. (I always use a regular Hot Tools curling could use a wand but I find that my regular curling iron does the same job.) On one side, start wrapping sections around your iron, away from your face. I don't grab each section of hair...just enough of it to make it look more polished without getting rid of all my natural wave. I leave the ends out to let them do their own thing and prevent it from looking too "done".

8.) Continue wrapping your hair the same way all the way around. and finish by wrapping the front section of hair towards your face.  Do the same on the top layer.

9.) Beachy waves are created...even though I am nowhere near a beach and it is -45 degrees outside. (and yes I braved the cold to get the top picture. Just to get that beachy winter effect...hahaha)

If your hair is not naturally wavy...use a mousse/foam/gel and let it air dry and then still do steps 3-9.
I typically do not use a TON of product in my hair when I go naturally wavy just because sometimes it makes my hair look weighed down. Let me know if you try this style! Next week, I will show you an updo you can do with this wavy look.


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Yes! Let's channel you think that will make it come faster?! Love the beachy waves, but now I wish I had long hair again!

  3. your so pretty kelly-kat. Great tutorial! I need my hair to get long again!

  4. cute cute cute! I love Not Your Mothers sea salt spray for beachy waves. I just can't seem to get volume. :(