Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Random Facts

1.) I was voted "most unique" my senior year of high school..I never knew if that was a compliment or an insult but either way....

2.) Whenever I tweeze my eyebrows I sneeze...A LOT! I think there's some kind of nerve connection but I don't know anyone else who has this happen...its terrible if I've just put mascara on!

3.) I met my husband on a blind date!...I'd never been on one before but I guess it worked out..:)

4.) I was a journalism major at Ball State University for a year.

5.) I literally can quote almost any movie you can think of..word for word

6.) I'm slightly obsessed with the color "turquoise" and all shades close to it.

7.) I pick comfort over fashion... as soon as I get home from work I change into my lounge wear/jammies.....I'm not a bum, I enjoy getting dressed up but as Cher from Clueless says "My party clothes can be so binding."

8.) When I am on pinterest I sometimes pretend I am shopping and buying all the clothes I pin...."Am I the only one who does this?"

9.) My 3 biggest fears are "birds"..(I swear the Alfred Hitchcock thriller scarred me for life), Clowns (you gotta be kidding me if you say you like these terrifying things!) , and I know, I know this is bizarre but I have an odd fear someone is going to throw a bowling ball at my face and knock my teeth out...(obviously this is a strange fear, but I have had numerous dreams about this and its just terrifying...i mean, right???)
(The clown is just......FILTHY! @ Valerie )

10.) I can't resist an amazing lamp or ottoman..If I could have a house full of dozens of lamps and ottomans I would.

.......And now for a random photoshoot because I'm still snowed in......and I bought some amazing items for Photoshop from The Pugly Pixel and wanted to use them somehow today...


  1. I am DYING over this whole post. I dont even know where to be begin. The quote from clueless-brilliant.
    And the clowns... Totally filthy!!! Tom freaks out over clowns too.
    Theres too much to say. I must stop

  2. Love this! I can't stand clowns either, they're so freaking creepy...! I take it you haven't seen the movie "It"? Or maybe you have...haha.

    Cute new Photoshop stuff!!

  3. If I had dreams of bowlin balls being thrown at my face I would be scared of them, too! Turquoise everything, all the way! Also, I went on a blin date once...let's just leave it that the same guy is not my husband! Applause applause on the Clueless quote...and your photo shoot?! You are the cutest thing ever!

    1. yea, those bowling balls could kill ya! haha...(its true!)

  4. I am also terrified of birds (only in large packs) due to seeing the movie the birds!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I was attacked by a mockingbird when I was 9....well..attacked is a strong word...more like swooped at continuously...but i felt attacked! They are evil!