Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome Wonderful People, I'm Kelly...a hair dresser/photographer/puppy mom/diy'er...theres a lot of slashes there.. and I could keep on going..but if you stick around, you will hear about all of that later...I am seriously stoked for my showcase and share my projects/recipes/photos..and all that jazz...I have someone fabulous creating a blog design for me, to show my personality & that will be coming SOON! but, I am working a lot at the salon the next couple of weeks..getting people beautiful for the holidays..but after that..this blog is ON! haha...So anyways...I hope you will come back..see my stuff..I have a lot of great things planned!

See you Soon,


  1. You have inspired me to change the look of my blog! My New Year project! I love this! You did a great job! I am so excited to follow along! How did you decide on someone on Etsy out of ALL of those listings!?!

    1. Hey Jessica...thanks so much! I really really looked through etsy at a ton of artists sample blog designs... Angi Clark just seemed to have a similar style to mine..i bought some graphics on and sent them to her and she put my blog together...she sent me ideas almost everyday and talked me through the was a great experience....and i would TOTALLY recommend her. I am so excited to REALLY start my blog as soon as I am on my little christmas break...Thank you for following me! I will follow back!