Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY Sheet Music Tree Star

I did this last week but I just now had time to post it. 

DIY Sheet Music Tree Star

What you will Need:
3-5 sheets of Scrapbook paper
Hot Glue gun & Hot Glue sticks
Optional-stickers for decorating

1.) cut 20-25 small rectangles out of the paper of your choice

2.) Turn blank side down and roll from one corner to the other and hot glue together ( continue this till you have done it to all of your rectangles)

3.) Cut a small rectangle out of your paper of choice and start hot gluing the rolled papers to this small rectangle..all the way around to create the base of your star..(you can make it more compact or sparse, depending on how many papers you rolled up)

4.) Once you have those glued down, cut out 2 small squares. Fold these accordion style..then fold them both in half and glue them together. 

5.) Fan this out and glue the sides together.

6.) Glue this to the center of the rolled paper star.

7.) I opted to add a small banner style sticker and then printed out the words "merry & bright" from my computer and glued these together and then onto the center of the star.

8.) I wanted my star to sit on the top of my shabby chic tree so I bent and folded a silver pipe cleaner so that it would fit on the top of the tree. I glued this to the back of the star.  (you could also just glue a ribbon to the back of the star to make an ornament.) 

I hope some of you try this. It was really easy and it turned out really pretty.

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