Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY Easy Window Seat Cushion

      Last night, I saw an easy tutorial on for a window seat cushion. I have been wanting to make one for my big window seat in my craft room for awhile. My dogs spend so much time sitting in this window..I wanted it to be comfortable, but I needed it to be sturdy enough to withstand them jumping off and on it. This tutorial seemed to be just the right idea. Here is my interpretation...

Materials Needed:
Ply wood
Heavy Duty Staples & Staple Gun
Tape Measure

      After you have measured everything, (length & width) you can purchase your fabric, foam & plywood. 

 I loved this fabric from Hobby Lobby..its Duck Cloth, which I think will hold up to my pups paws. (PLUS I could use my 40% off coupon on it..SCORE!)

After I cut the foam to fit (the corners that I cut arent pictured in this photo i guess..sowwy)

 I laid the fabric underneath the foam/plywood, folded it over, pulled it taut and began to staple. I stapled it every 2 inches or so.

    Fold over the second half and staple again. Since my window is shaped differently than just a plain rectangle...and I had cut the foam to fit I needed to fit the fabric to that shape as well. i gathered and cut the fabric and then stapled it. Not the prettiest thing ever, but no one will see the bottom of the cushion.

Although I maybe need to staple this more taut and iron the top to get rid of the crease...I think it turned out really well. Huck seems to like it. Now, if he'd only stop licking the windows....

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