Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Eve Ideas

Happy Christmas Everyone! I have been very busy @ the salon but I had a chance to find some fun/amazing/cutesie ideas for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here is the round up...
Elf on a Shelf's Last night..pack him up with suitcases made of vintage jewelry boxes to say goodbye to the christmas the link below for more ideas

Make Santas Footprints--this is such a cute idea...Use powdered sugar to create these footprints around your fireplace..for the printable foot below
                                                             The Party Artisan

Make a personalized santa sack for all of Santa's below for a free template
                                                              Brooklyn Limestone

Make a ring of Christmas Cards...I love this idea for how to save friends and families christmas cards
click below for more inspiration 

I love these ideas...this year we are going to an early mass on Christmas Eve and then coming home, where my family will be coming over...ordering yummy pizza...we are all making a dessert and playing games and watching fun holiday movies...what will your families be doing this Christmas?

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